Nowdays, the ongoing immense growth and wide spread of information technologies led to rapid development in the various aspects of advances in convergence and fusion, such as ICT convergence in digital signage, brain computer interaction, robotics, and health-care connected with bio technology.

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The spread of current technologies is more dynamic at all stages of research, development, marketing and use. Furthermore, different domains of research and applications are often integrated together to achieve better performance, solve problems, and renovate systems, improve the artificial intelligence as well as the computational intelligence, which are all to be consumable. Hence, the convergence of information technologies could lead to the new stage of innovation with significant increasing speed.

This online site is aimed to introduce new technologies and solutions of referred, high quality products in all branches of the convergence technologies and its applications, such as digital signage, smart intelligence display, contents management system, automotive, brain computer interaction, and health care.

It is our hope that all of technologies and solutions referred herein could be diffused, and proliferated for all parties’ commercial success.